In Ultimate Pursuits-style fashion, consumers can now buy products from the Evans Cycles website, but pick 'em up - postage free - from the Evans store of their choosing. But for showmanship, who can possibly beat the delivery options of Brant Richards'

Evans starts a ‘ship2store’ service from B2C website

Evans Cycles is a multi-store IBD chain that dominates the south east of England.

"To use the Ship2Store service, when you are completing your purchase, on the delivery page simply select the store you wish to collect your order from," advises the Evans website.

"When your order arrives at your selected store, you will be contacted by phone and/or post to advise your order is ready for collection….If you are not happy with your order, our 28 day returns policy means that you can return it to your local store in its original packaging, unused, for a full refund."

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Brant Richards says he’s had a multi-faceted delivery options menu for ages.

Here it is:

Standard UK Delivery

No rush, but I could do with it by next week

As cheap as possible please

Immediately, by leather clad motorcycle courier

Send with my other stuff

I’ll come and get it myself

At that race/ride/pub like we mentioned

For cash, in the pub, later

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