For its eighth year the Demo Day will be shifted to take place on Exhibition Parking Lot East

Eurobike moves Demo Day to the show grounds

2014 will see Eurobike’s Demo Day uprooted from Argenbühl and placed next door to the show itself in Friedrichshafen.

Easier logistics and requests from exhibitors to have Demo Day in the immediate vicinity of their booths led to the move, which will see the event – held on Tuesday August 26th 2014 – on Exhibition Park Lot East.

It’s not the end of the road for Eurobike’s relationship with Argenbühl, still described as a ‘perfect fit’ by Eurobike’s organisers. Instead of hosting the Demo Day, the location will hold the ‘Holiday on Bike’ event on the public day of the exhibition.

“The test conditions in the immediate vicinity, with the adjacent forest, the dirt roads, and the streets surrounding the exhibition grounds, are very good and make it much easier logistically for both visitors and exhibitors,” said a Eurobike spokesperson.

The relocation is set to make life easier for exhibitor staff at Eurobike and the Demo Day event, the latter attracting 2,318 trade visitors and 732 journalists this year.

Klaus Wellmann, CEO of Messe Friedrichshafen, said: “We were really happy in Argenbühl.”

Mayor of Argenbühl Joseph Köberle added: “We were very proud to be able to host the world’s largest bicycle demo event and wish continued success for Demo Day at the new location. We look forward to presenting Argenbühl and Württemberg’s Algäu in the future at the bicycle travel market ‘Holiday on Bike’ on the public day of the exhibition.”

Eurobike project manager Dirk Heidrich commented: “The importance of Demo Day increasingly resembles that of the Eurobike itself – both are unique events with participation by the top players in the industry, something that can be found at no other trade fair venue in the world."

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