Moving the Demo Day from Argenbühl to the Messe pays off for Eurobike as the outdoor expo grows by 40 percent.

Eurobike kicks off with moist – but bigger – Demo Day

Tomorrow sees the start of the indoor show, today it’s the outdoor Demo Day. Unlike in previous years, the bike testing outdoor expo has moved from dairy farming country, one hour from Friedrichshafen, to one of the Messe parking lots. This has made it a lot easier for companies to exhibit on the pre-show day: last year there were 105 Demo Day exhibitors, this year there are 147, an uptick of 40 percent.

Argenbühl was scenic but a hassle to get to, especially for just a one-day show. To make up for the lack of mountain trails the Eurobike show organisers have created a 2.5 mile MTB trail and there are 12 miles of sign-posted paved roads to try out road bikes and e-bikes.

Tomorrow the Demo Day parking lot returns to its usual use.

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