We have regular chats with bike design guru Mike Burrows of Giant. One of his perennial complaints is that the UK doesn't have a big trade/consumer show "like they have in Germany." Hmm, not any more they don't, IFMA is the latest bike show to go trade-only

Euro trade shows spurn the public

Eurobike did not admit the public last year. IFMA allowed just one consumer day, this year there will be none. It’s a decision prompted by most of the major exhibitors, tired of having to bolt down their exhibits when the great unwashed are allowed in and having to have two sets of price lists.

Whilst it’s fine, in theory, to show wares to the bike-buying public, in reality, it can be a logistical nightmare. The UK pattern of big trade show and big public show was decried for years but it now seems the big German shows are having to go the same way. Er, except there are precious few big public bike shows in Germany.

IFMA, 15-18th September 2000.


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