No rule changes to be made to anti-dumping charges

EU withdraw green paper on trade defence instruments

The EU trade commissioner, Peter Mandelson, has withdrawn from his green paper proposal to reduce the European Union’s use of trade defence instruments, including current anti-dumping duties on bicycles manufactured within China and Vietnam.

According to US bicycle trade website, Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, President of the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association, Brian Montgomery, is delighted with the decision to cease progression with the controversial paper.

“The Mandelson green paper has been withdrawn by Mr. Mandelson with no changes to the anti-dumping,” Montgomery said.

“The decision that he’s taken has in fact been pushed on him by the degree of opposition, not least from the bicycle industry. We’re very happy—extremely happy—because we have a situation where the rules are not going to be altered one little bit, exactly what we were lobbying for,” he said.

The European Union currently applies anti-dumping charges of 48.5 per cent on all bicycles made within China and 34.5 per cent on most Vietnamese-made bicycles.

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