Anti-dumping duties against bicycles made in China were to end in July. Bike Europe says the European Commission has extended the duties through 2010 and raised them from 30.6 percent to 48.5 percent.

EU to rubber-stamp dumping duties against Chinese bikes

Vietnamese bicycle makers would be slapped with a 34.5 percent duty.

A statement from the European Commission said the re-imposition of anti-dumping duties "will allow the Community industry to grow and fully recover from the injury caused by the dumped imports. If, however, measures are not imposed, it is likely that the Community production will continue to decline and more operators will go out of business. Furthermore, the importers and the retailers will not be substantially affected since fairly priced bicycles will still be available in the market.”

Affected parties have until 10th May to submit comments to the European Commission. Subject to the content of these comments the Council of the European Commission would adopt the anti-dumping duty proposal in June.

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