At yesterday's AGM of the Bicycle Association of Great Britain, the president revealed that the BA was in favour of a investigation being launched to evaluate claims that Chinese bicycles are being dumped on the UK market. And today, the Paris-based European Bicycle Manufacturers' Association has said the European Commission is to launch such an investigation. It's not just China under the microscope, Vietnamese factories will also be scrutinised.

EU to investigate EBMA’s dumping complaints

Brian Montgomery, chairman of EBMA, said his organisation had submitted a detailed complaint to the EU on "injurious dumping from bicycle exporters in Vietnam."

EBMA also requested an interim review of the 1993 anti-dumping measures on bicycles from the People’s Republic of China. EBMA would like to see a substantial increase in duties.

The European Commission has accepted to investigate both complaints and this is announced on the 29th April 2004 in the EU Official Journal, No.C. 103.

Montgomery said: "The implants of Taiwanese industry to low-wage Vietnam , and the subsidies received, have but one main objective which is the unfair penetration of the European bicycle market and injury to EU bicycle producers. This has to be investigated as does the resurgence of Chinese bicycle imports at ridiculously low prices."


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