Recent industry meetings lay out power guidelines for the future

ETRA submits E-bike regulation proposals to EC

ETRA, alongside LEVA, has submitted a draft poposal of E-bike regulation changes to the European Comission.

Based on feedback form industry meetings at both Interbike and Eurobike, the industry concluded that it would like to see an increase in power from 250 to 500 W and an increase in maximum unassisted speed from 25 to 32 km/h.

After a lengthy and detailed discussion, the industry at the Brussels meeting voted for the option to focus on an increase of power only. Since the current speed limit for low performance mopeds is 25 km/h, the Commission could be reluctant to allow a higher speed for electric bikes.

However, the industry in Brussels did not only focus on the desired specifications for pedal assisted bicycles to be excluded from the type-approval. The 18 participants, representing 14 companies, also worked on a consensus on the definition of two new categories to be introduced in the type-approval.

ETRA also proposes a new category for open throttle electric cycles and for low-performance mopeds, defined as follows: “Cycles and mopeds with one or more electrics motor of combined power not exceeding 1 kW and a maximum design speed not exceeding 25 km/h.”

The full proposal can be viewed at ETRA’s website here.

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