Latest US fitness trend aims to get runners 'cycling' on outdoors cross trainer

Elliptigo fitness bikes come to the UK

The world’s first Elliptigo fitness bike was being road tested by the UK press yesterday at Hyde Park.

The Elliptigo has been designed by former competitive Ironman triathletes Bryan Pate and Brent Teal and combines cross training with cycling, simulating the action of running but without the impact on joints and taking place in the outdoors.

Due to the low impact nature of the Elliptigo, its makers are touting it as an ideal rehabilitation device, with a cardiovascular workout outside the confines of the gym.

Despite being primarily aimed at runners, the Elliptigo contains many standard bicycle components and can be serviced by a bicycle mechanic, the firm said. The Elliptigo 85 retails for £1,599 (excluding VAT). 

Elliptigo co-founder Bryan Pate explained: “Every runner who’s familiar with the common pains and ailments from a consistent running regimen knows that running eventually takes its toll on the body. The concept for this apparatus was to provide the ideal cross-training experience for runners looking to extend their running lives.”

Ultra Marathon runner Dean Karnazes is one of the athletes that have incorporated the Elliptigo into his training regime: "I’ve always been a proponent for including cross-training in any running regimen, and the ElliptiGO is the best cross training device I’ve ever seen – bar none. When I’m training, I like to follow up a hard run with a really hard ElliptiGO ride the next day. That way I can let my joints recover while I continue to build my cardiovascular strength."

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