Ed Benjamin of the CycleElectric International Consulting Group has emailed subscribers to his CycleElectic newsletter with the news that after poor sales in 2001, sales of electric bikes so far in 2002 have increased

Electric bike sales are up in China and Europe, says electric bike consultant

He gives only anecdotal evidence for this assertion:

"At CycleElectric, we hear from a lot of companies and individuals. And what we are hearing is that electric bicycle and scooter sales are picking up. China is up substantially, Europe – especially the Netherlands and England are up, Italy is up, and sales in the USA are picking up for light stand up scooters and electric bicycles. Good news following a rough year."

The newsletter also carried news of two (expensive) directories for the electric bike and light electric vehicle markets, one of them published by Benjamin’s company.

‘Electric Bikes Worldwide 2002’ has just been published by Frank Jamerson and is now in its sixth edition. It is a 175 page round-up of the electric vehicle market. At $495, it’s "well worth the price," said Benjamin.

Jamerson can be contacted at elecbike@aol.com

And also newly published is CycleElectric’s ‘Guide to the Light Electric Vehicle Industry’. This is a directory of all the companies, sorted by their product category, that serve the electric bicycle and scooter industry. This includes suppliers of motors, batteries, and complete units, and more. It’s available for $195.00. Order from edbike@aol.com


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