The first European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition, to be staged May 8-10th in Germany, has sold out of exhibitor space

EHBE is a sell-out

With a month to go to the European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition, all exhibitor spaces have been snapped up, outstripping the organiser’s expectations.

The show – to be held in Schwäbisch Gmünd, a picturesque town near Stuttgart in Southern Germany – hopes to create similar levels of public interest as that generated by the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS).

Indra Sarkar, of organisers 2Souls Cycles, said:

“When we first proposed the show last April, we expected a healthy response, but we did not expect the kind of response we have seen from all parts of Europe and beyond. At first, we booked a smaller hall in the expo centre, but after a few months we had to go back to the centre management and ask them to allocate us some more floor space. Now there is no more room, but if it was available, we could fill it, such is the high level of interest from would-be exhibitors.”

The UK will be represented by 18Bikes, Demon Frameworks and Enigma Titanium, with their custom ‘Lab’ series. From the USA comes Independent Fabrication, Seven and MSH1 Bicycle Works. Italy is represented by the likes of De Rosa, Pegoretti, Passoni, Nevi and Daccordi. From the Netherlands come Vittorio and Le Cadre and Duell. Germany is represented by the likes of Norwid, Langenberg and Fixie Inc. There will be components from SRAM and Schlumpf.

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