Dealers sought to stock G8 Performance insoles

Eden Cycles looks to grow G8 network

Eden Cycles ( is the UK and European distributor for G8 Performance insoles ( and is looking to expand its distribution network. 

Eden is looking for stores with an onus on bike fitting, customer relationships, sports injury and not online sales.

The G8 brand is new to the UK and the IGNITE is the newest model in the range.

G8 works as a rehabilitative system with different models helping customers to establish foot strength leading to greater stability in the lower leg. This is achieved without the need for hard plastic shims but instead by encouraging the foot to strengthen itself and stabilise in the forefoot where the foot connects with the pedal rather than traditionally at the heel.

Unlike many other insoles on the market, the G8 system promotes a percentage of pronation and flexibility. This allows the foot’s natural suspension system to work as if barefoot in a shoe. By supporting the forefoot this flexion promotes the muscles of the foot to strengthen at different rates and levels depending on the model. Not only does this increase strength in the foot, but also leads to better stability though the leg/lower body and a platform to work off for bike fits. A progression through the range can be achieved depending on foot strength.

The fitting process for G8 is none weight bearing – the foot is relaxed when the insoles are fitted and the foot is promoted to move in and out of its own natural relaxed position during exercise.

There are three models the IGNITE the ARCHTECH 1800 and the ARCHTECH 2600 Pro.

The firm said: "The 1800 are more for gait stride sports or for use when a customer has built up foot strength with the IGNITE and feature the ARCHTECH movable arch and grippy base to isolate in insole in a running shoe, the 1800 also features a wider heel cup for less tech shoes.

"ARCHTECH is a proprietary moveable system that can be easily and specifically repositioned to get the best position and support for the rider.

"The 2600 is more generally used for cycling, with a narrower heel cup and has both more positions and arch heights than the 1800.

"The IGNITE is the heat mouldable option in the range and best suited for isolated feet ie cycling, skiing ice skating etc. The heat mouldable IGNITE is comparatively the stiffest in the range and the best place for customers to start when using the system, it is moulded using only a hairdrier and can be moulded multiple times."

Interested store are encouraged to get in contact at or on 01354 638905.

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