Climate Group produces ROFL video to promote Energy Wasting Day. Bike features.

Eco org produces funny video viral

The Climate Group has produced a video featuring a fat, sexist, conservation-hating, energy-wasting SUV driver who shouts at cyclists , pollutes for fun and wears a t-shirt that says ‘Polar bears, who cares?’

The video will spread virally across the internet because it’s very funny. Watch it from here.

The video was produced to promote Energy Wasting Day on April 1st.

The Climate Group runs the Together campaign "which helps UK households reduce CO2 emissions by one tonne over three years."

Campaign partners include B&Q, Barclaycard, British Gas, BSkyB, Marks & Spencer, More Th>n, National Express, O2 and Tesco. The campaign is also supported by The Mayor of London, The Church of England, the Energy Saving Trust, Defra, the National Consumer Council, Live Earth and Stop Climate Chaos.

The Together campaign was launched in April 2007 and has been endorsed by UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and former US Vice President, Al Gore.

The Climate Group is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that "works internationally with government and business leaders to advance climate change solutions and accelerate a low carbon economy."

It was founded in 2004 and has offices in the UK, USA, China, India and Australia.

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