'Iconic' post war brand known for motorized scooters now an e-bike label

EBCO introduces Solex electric bikes to the UK

EBCO has annoucned it will bring the Solex brand‘s new electric bike catalogue to the UK.

The firm, which sells eight million motorized scooters per year, recently relaunched with a new design and technology department focused on a range of electric bikes. Currently three are available in the brand’s signature black and red colourscheme. These are: The Velosolex (folding ebike, SRP £1,299), Solexity (a low-step ebike SRP £1,799) and e-Solex (e-scooter SRP £1,999).

All three models have been designed by Pininfarina, the world famous Italian design house that has developed such iconic cars as the Ferraris 599, 458 and California, the Maserati Quattroporte and the Alfa Romeo Spyder.

The ebikes are all powered by SOLEX’s own 250w brushless motors combined with high-capacity Lithium Polymer batteries.

Commenting on the deal, EBCO’s managing director, Paul Stanforth, said: “People of a certain age will remember SOLEX extremely fondly. The brand is synonymous with young Parisian’s and the stylish coffee shop culture of post war Europe. However, the company hasn’t just repackaged the past, they’ve used the latest technology and retained arguably the most gifted designers in the world to develop ebikes for the 21st century.

“This is a watershed moment when a company with global resources, a fantastic understanding of marketing and a commitment to product development decided to enter the ebike market. Anyone wanting to get involved should get in touch soon, to take advantage of the brand’s ambitious and exciting launch plans in the coming few months.”

Stockist enquiries can be directed to Stanforth on 01926 437700.

EBCO, a specialist in the electric bike market, also handle the distribution of KED Helmets, AVE electric bikes and its own label EBCO line.

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