EBCO 2017 range incorporates computer diagnostics on all models

The EBCO brand, now in its sixth year, has matured to include a comprehensive range of e-bikes, featuring motor systems from Bosch, Shimano, and TranzX, which are now available in cycle retailers across the country. 

For 2017 the range has been segmented into four distinct consumer user groups, which will range from £1,299 to £3,000. 

URBAN CITY – four models with price points between £1,299 and £2,399: one front hub system from TranzX, three centre drive systems from TranzX and Bosch. 

TREKKING – three models with price points between £1,799 and £2,999: centre drive systems from TranzX, Shimano and Bosch.

URBAN SPORT – one model valued at £2,199: centre drive system from Bosch. 

MOUNTAIN – this compact line of hardtail and full suspension e-bikes will be launched in January 2017.

New for the 2017 range, all EBCO e-bikes will have computer diagnostic capabilities, which until now have only been available on more expensive systems. The diagnostics will be available in-store for all EBCO 2017 TranzX models. This will allow retailers to offer comprehensive tech support directly to the consumer.

TranzX CAN-bus diagnostic technology (LogiX) will be a valuable and helpful tool for workshops to diagnose issues, easily upgrade software, and allow records to be kept of their customers’ e-bike servicing.

"The EBCO brand is now the preferred choice of major, multiple and specialist retailers in the UK," commented EBC Managing Director Paul Stanforth. "We have calculated that the EBCO brand is available in more dealer outlets than any other brand of electric bikes in the UK. We believe this is because of our comprehensive quality-built product range, our commitment to after-sales service backup, extensive dealer training, and carrying stock for a quick 24-hour delivery. Now with TranzX Can-bus diagnostics, our retailers have more tools to assist with customer care for bikes at a lower price point. The electric bike market is gaining real momentum, and we are making sure the EBCO brand is at the head of the charge."

The bikes will be available for the trade to see at Ebike 2017, EBC`s in-house show, on September 12th, 13th, and 14th at the Holiday Inn Leamington Spa. Following on from last year’s success, Ebike 2017 will feature training seminars from Bosch, Shimano and TranzX. For more details, contact Larissa at larissa@ebco.co.uk, or call 01926 437701.

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