Polish brand plans entry into UK market

DunCon takes over Karpiel assets

DunCon has taken over the assets of Karpiel International, a manufacturer of bicycle frames for extreme sports.

Jan Karpeil’s company held the rights to off-road suited brands such as Armageddon, Apocalypse and Disco Volante, as well as various other frame designs.

“Karpiel’s bicycles are the trademark of the highest quality and advanced technology in the industry,” says Piotr Dunin, president of DunCon Bikes. “Their constructor, Jan Karpiel, is a living legend. Bicycles created by him are used by sportsmen and sportswomen at the most important competitions all over the world. I am happy that Jan Karpiel and his designs join our portfolio. I am convinced that we will achieve a lot together.”

DunCon Bikes will take over, among other things, trademarks, designs and work in progress from Karpiel International for about PLN 1 million. Under the agreement, Mr Jan Karpiel will also cooperate with DunCon Bikes on an exclusive basis and will take over five per cent of shares in the company.

"I chose Duncon to be my partner due to my long standing acquaintance with Piotr Dunin, our joint business experience and the quick development of DunCon Bikes. I am glad that, having the support of that company, I will be able to devote my time to designing and testing new bikes,” comments Jan Karpiel.

DunCon were present in UK a few years back.

Dunin added: "We want to start sales again in the UK in 2009, probably not through a local distributor, but with direct sales from Poland."

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