Howard Jacobs, attorney for Floyd Landis, is to submit a formal request to the US anti-doping authority recommending that the allegations against Landis should be dropped. OTHER NEWS: a US newspaper columnist admits he was too quick to condemn Marion Jones, exonerated yesterday, and the hack asks: "Will anybody believe drug testing again?" NOT IN OTHER NEWS: Dick Pound apologises for passing judgement on athletes before due process.

Drop the dope charges, argues Landis’ lawyer

Upon review of 370 pages of documentation provided by the LNDD laboratory at Chatenay-Malabry, Jacobs and a team of scientific experts have found what they call "inconsistencies" in the testing protocol and methodology used by the lab.

Jacobs received the official document package on August 31.

“In our review of the documents detailing the tests on both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ sample, we have found evidence that supports our request for USADA to drop the doping charges against Landis,” said Jacobs.

“While I cannot comment on the full details of our findings, we now have the foundation for a very strong defense should the case proceed to arbitration.”

If USADA recommends that the case proceed to arbitration, then Landis and Jacobs will invoke for the first time a rule of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) that allows for athletes contesting doping charges to request that their hearing be made open to the public.

“Once again, we are asking for complete transparency in this process. Floyd has maintained his innocence from the outset and what we have found in the official document package points to a premature public conviction before all of the evidence could be considered,” said Jacobs.

“This is another example why the leaking of an ‘A’ sample results and violating the athletes’ right to anonymity is such a horrible thing."

OTHER NEWS: journalist retracts condemnation of Marion Jones.

Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times said:

"Turns out, Jones was clean, and I was tainted…I have since tested positive for that deadly journalistic drug known as ‘haste.’

"A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that if Jones’ "B" sample refuted her "A" sample, I would give fallen cycling hero Floyd Landis a ride down the Harbor Freeway on my handlebars…Does anybody know if the 110 has a bike lane?"

"While Jones is sprinting off into that exonerating sunset, however, there is a larger issue rising from her dust. Will anybody believe drug testing again?"

The science in the Floyd Landis case is far from clear cut. There’s a blog devoted to examining the science and testing protocols abused in the Floyd Landis case. David Brower’s Trust But Verify blog is updated frequently.

Brower shows there’s a huge amount of scientific literature that could show that Floyd Landis – and the sport of cycling – has been unfairly hounded.

To read the Bike Biz created petition that calls for an open examination of the French lab at the centre of the Floyd Landis case, and which also calls on WADA to reign in the loose cannon that is Dick Pound, go here.

PLUS: The leaks continue… Twelve other riders tested positive for drugs at the Tour de France this year, all had medical certificates allowing them to take banned substances. Of the 105 riders tested, 60 per cent had the exemption certificates, claims the head of the French Council to Prevent and Combat Doping, speaking to Le Monde newspaper.

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