It's not a bike product - too rigid to fit in cages - but cyclists are familiar suckers of the CamelBak bite valve so the US company's latest product could still sell well in bike shops. The CamelBak bottle will be launched at the Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen, July 23-26th.

Drink more fluids with the CamelBak Bottle

The new CamelBak Bottle features the ‘Big Bite’ valve and is spill-proof. No tipping is required, you just bite and suck.

An articulating stem allows the Big Bite valve to fold flush to the bottle when not in use, so it stays clean.

"CamelBak has applied its expertise in hydration to make a better bottle," said Mac Tillman, VP of Marketing & Product Management at the Californian company.

"With the new CamelBak Bottle, we are taking CamelBak beyond the trail and into people’s daily lives." has one of the new bottles and can report that it’s just like the bike-and-run products: you drink more fluids because access is so much more ‘in yer face’, there’s no chance of spilling, it’s easy to squeeze in ice-cubes and the design is, well, just so hip.

The bottle has .75 litre capacity and will be available in November. Next year the company will release a smaller capacity bottle (which will be perfect for children’s lunch-boxes…)

The UK distributor of Camelbak products is Zyro of Thirsty. Sorry, Thirsk.

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