Brit abroad Errol Drew is a busy man. He's promoting the belt drive from his iXi bike as an OEM system "compatible with all Shimano, SRAM and Sturmey Archer internal hub gear systems as well as being suitable for single speed applications."

Drew’s Delta promises ‘Holy Grail of cycling’: grease-free riding

Delta Cycle Corporation of Massachusetts is promoting its Cycledrive belt drive train as a "breakthrough".

"The US-engineered drive train promises to offer major benefits compared to the conventional steel chain that has been an integral part of bicycles for over 100 years. Requiring virtually no maintenance, the high precision engineered belt and sprockets will last more than twice as long as any regular chain drive and need no lubrication or tension adjustment once installed," said Drew.

Belt drives have been used on bikes many times before but Drew reckons he’s cracked the inefficiency problems that plague such systems compared to chains.

“Having a reliable belt driven drive train is the Holy Grail of leisure cycling” said Drew.

“In my thirty years industry experience I’ve never come across anyone who actually likes the weight, noise and messy grease associated with traditional bike chains; belts are the way to go. Until now, no one has been able to produce an adequate, reliable belt drive system.”

Cycledrive Systems is a new division of accessory supplier Delta Cycle Corporation, set up to market the new belt drive system.

Delta worked closely with the company which developed the belts used successfully now for a number of years on Harley Davidson motorcycles.

“We expect a good number of bicycle companies will want to include cDrive equipped bikes in their line," said Drew, naming no names.

Although it costs more than conventional comparable chain drive units, Drew feels confident that the new technology will offer sufficient added value to more than compensate for the higher price.

“It will be a chance for bike companies to show a technical advantage that dealers and consumers will readily understand; there will be good opportunities for added value profits."

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