US bike vacations company is looking for a 'bicycle tour evangelist' who can post social media tidbits to Twitter and YouTube.

Dream job for cycle tourist who Twitters

Briton Andrew Conway is the managing director of Boston-based Ciclismo Classico, a 20-year old global bicycle tour business.

He’s had a bright idea: appoint a social media freelancer. He will be inundated with CVs, prolly all URL-shortened and DMed via Twitter (and if you understand all that, you could be the bike/tech geek Conway is after).

The evangelist will be paid $6000 a year to "build our community using social media."

Conway said: "Weekly activities could include producing a short Youtube video using material sent in by a client or trip leader, launching a photo contest on our Facebook page, announcing a new trip on Twitter, developing an online form for our website, reporting to Ciclismo staff on what competitors are doing, and going on a local club ride and blogging about it."

He added:
"This is undoubtedly a dream job for the right candidate."

The part-time freelance contract starts in January 2010.

"We’d like the person who will take this on in 2010 to start learning about our product first-hand. So we’ll send them on one of our most popular trips in October at our own expense," said Conway.

"The value of this package will be up to $6000! In exchange, we’ll ask the person to document his or her experience with video, photos, and blog entries, and also complete some other projects by the end of the year."

Form an orderly queue here.

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