Downlight system paints blind spot grid onto the road

Downlights for trucks offer a ‘no go’ area for cyclists

The Vehicle Certification Agency has approved a new downlight system for trucks which can be configured to offer vulnerable road users tips on where not to be.

Created by Jim Thompson, the system uses a series of downward facing 1W lights that illuminate the ground to the side of a truck to give clear markers of blind spots, as well as help the driver pinpoint the location of the truck’s wheels in mirrors when turning.

The system is also being developed for bicycles in order to give other road users an indication of how wide they need to pass.

Uniquely, the lights now have a built in slow speed function, with lighting automaticaly turning on when a truck slows below 15kph.

Seeking a UN type approval for downward facing lights, Thompson says that the VCA recognition now means that the lights can be fitted by OEM truck makers, as well as via aftermarket sales.

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