‘The BMX is market experiencing huge growth in UK and across Europe’

Doubling Diamondback sales is just the start, says Raleigh

Despite seeing Diamondback sales grow two-fold last year, Raleigh is expecting the brand to outperform itself again with its new range, due in part to a booming BMX scene which ‘has yet to reach its potential’, and moving bike design to the UK.

Raleigh is hoping the brand’s 2011 range, now specced with Affix components, is going to turn heads in the BMX world with an ‘old school vs new school’ paint and graphics overhaul. The 2011 range is also lighter, according to the industry stalwart.

We’ve got pictures of the new NNY and ALT models.

The new line-up builds on last year’s, which performed strongly according to Diamondback European product manager Mike Sanderson. He paid tribute to the effect the growing BMX scene had played on the brand: “BMX is still growing in the UK and Europe. More and more competitions and jams are happening which is great for the scene, and with the inclusion of BMX racing in the Olympics that’s also bringing BMX to the general public as well.”

Moving bike design to the UK was a key contributor to the brands impressive performance last year, Sanderson added: “I think that it was probably a contributing factor. It was a good opportunity for me to sit down and pull the range apart and put it back together in a way that the BMX masses would like and appreciate. The bikes were a big step on from the previous year, but this year’s range is another step on from that again.”

Two new models have been added to the 2011 Diamondback line-up to give the brand more width, including Option – a starter BMX. At the opposite side of the market is the NNY, pitched at growing numbers of street riders and specced with Affix’s reverse freecoaster hub, built onto a full 4130 butted frame/forks/bar.
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