It's not often that carries press releases on sponsorship deals secured by athletes but this one from MTBer Tracy Moseley deserves an airing for all those in need of support where it counts...

Double barrelled support for Tracy Moseley

She’s being part sponsored by Less Bounce, a British sports bra e-tailer.

"As most sports women know it is often very hard to find a good quality sports bra that actually does what it is supposed to do," writes Ms Moseley.

"As someone with an active lifestyle that involves riding bikes offroad, this is a very important piece of equipment that can be easily overlooked. I came across Lessbounce whilst searching for sports bras on the internet. They are a small English company that has a wide range of sports bras in all shapes and sizes.

"I have been really impressed with their service and product that I decided to approach them for some sponsorship! It’s amazing what a hidden cost good sports bras can be over a 12 months period, especially when I am active pretty much every day!

"Fortunately they agreed to help me out with a few bras over the year. So now I have no excuses to not get out there training ready for the coming season!

"Lessbounce have a great website that not only has the products available, but is also very informative as to the need for sportswomen to be fully supported. It also has a number of interesting links and profiles other women in sport.

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