Bike Week organiser Nick Harvey knows that June is peak season for IBDs and that could be one of the key reasons for low IBD involvement. So, he wants to start the promotional run up to the annual event now. Dr Bike events - free mechanical check ups for bikes - have now been called Bike MOTs and there's a PDF checklist for IBDs to download from the new Bike Week website.

Don’t wait until June to benefit from Bike Week

Bike Week will be staged 11-19th June.

ACT members will be encouraged to offer ‘free advice on cycling’ from 11th April to the end of Bike Week.

The new Bike ‘MOT’ Checklist has been created by Bike Week for use by IBDs "that want more customers."

This enables IBDs to "increase workshop business now and concentrate on selling more bikes, accessories and clothing during Bike Week itself," said Harvey.

The Bike MOT is not a freeloader’s charter

"Use it it to identify any faults that the customer will have to pay to rectify," stressed Harvey.

"But if all a bike needs is air in the tyres, correct saddle height adjustment and minor lubrication, please do that FOC to impress your new customer."

The Bike MOT checklist can be downloaded here

Register your shop at the same time and select one or both of the pull down menus that ask whether you read BicycleBusiness and/or BTI.

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