Do Twitter, Facebook & Instagram but don’t neglect local leafleting

Search Engine Optimisation will no doubt boost your online traffic but don’t let all that digital stuff distract you from what could be the best – and most local – way of attracting foot traffic: leaflets.

Delivered door-to-door – old-school, yes, but how about via a shop-branded cargo-bike too? – leaflets still curry favour with customers. (In fact, you’ve probably got a curry-house leaflet on your fridge.)

"When it comes to planning a marketing campaign, leaflet printing should be a key part of every business strategy," says PrintUK‘s Thomas Dodds.

"Leaflet printing is still an effective way of communicating with your audience – you are able to target local customers, distribution costs are affordable and your marketing message is delivered direct to consumers’ homes. It doesn’t get more highly targeted than that."

He added that the classic money-off leaflet is classic for a reason: it works.

"One of the best ways to ensure your message is heard remains offering an incentive as part of the leaflet. Not only does it ensure the customer holds on to your marketing materials for longer, but chances are they will pin it up on their fridge so they don’t forget. This means you will be getting your brand in front of their eyes for an extended period of time."

Dodds stresses: "For a bike shop, chances are that the most important clientele you have are those in the surrounding neighbourhoods. Make your leaflet wording feel personal – perhaps put the area or street name on the leaflet design. It’ll feel much more personal."

As well as the obvious details – such as phone number, business address, website and opening times – Dodds advises adding an instruction to keep the leaflet, or it risks going straight in the recycling bin.

"To give your leaflet a chance of getting saved don’t be afraid to write something like ‘Hold on to this leaflet for when you need us.’ Crazily, it works!"

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