The bicycle industry voices its opinion on the micro scooter trend

Do skateboards and scooters boost sales for cycle retailers?

Is there value for cycle retailers in stocking skateboards and scooters? That’s the question BikeBiz posed to the trade in this month’s Industry Opinions.

Many retailers revealed that they’ve dabbled in the sector, including Dorset-based cycle retailer Too Tyred. The shop’s Mark Wingate told BikeBiz: “I’ve thought about the whole scooter thing a lot and did even stock some for a while. The problem I found was that the quality of what was available varied wildly, which sadly meant the prices did too. As I refuse to stock anything ‘cheap and cheerful’ the ones I had in stock looked quite pricey.”

Wingate added: “I definitely think that it is a good idea to have a few non-bike items in stock to bring non-cyclists in. You never know, they could be converted.”

Ison Distribution’s Lloyd Townsend explained the firm’s involvement with micro-scooters: “The skateboard range that Ison stocks came as an off-shoot of the BMX business we do. Historically, having been involved with freestyle, it’s natural for some shops without a local dedicated skate store to add a board or two to their stock."

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