Sue Knaup, director of US bicycle advocacy organisation, pens "Cures for Ailing Organizations", seeks support on Kickstarter.

Director of bike advocacy org creates first aid manual for nonprofits

Sue Knaup, executive director of the US bicycle advocacy organisation One Street, has written a "first aid manual to help good organisations out of common problems." She says "Cures for Ailing Organizations" is for all nonprofits not just bicycle ones but that "many bicycle organisations suffer from these ailments."

Pledges for the book are being sought on

“I wrote Cures for Ailing Organizations, not just for bicycle organisations, but any group founded to benefit our world,” said Knaup.

“Over the 40 years I’ve worked with all sorts of nonprofits and social enterprises, I’ve been dismayed by a pervasive expectation that such organisations are supposed to struggle. I shaped the book around my emergency medical training to show how anyone can revive an organization and return it to its important work.”

The book’s 205 pages are divided into three sections starting with diagnosis to discover the causes of organisational ailments. Readers are then guided through the first aid and remedy section to find solutions to their troubles. The last section demonstrates how to regain health and prevent troubles in the future.

Readers will "gain skills to reconnect warring factions."

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