Those killed or seriously injured up two per cent

DfT figures show cycling casualties up three per cent

The Department for Transport has released figures which show cycling casualties in the UK seem to be slowly on the rise.

In the 12 months to September 2010, figures show a three per cent rise on the previous year for road casualties involving a bicycle. Reported deaths or serious injuries involing cyclists rose by two per cent.

In what is a slight silver-lining to the grim figures, overall fatalities are at a record low and cyclist numbers has risen four per cent through 2008 to 2009. Furthermore, road traffic is said to have declined 1.6 per cent through the 12 months ending September 2009.

The CTC’s Chris Peck recently spoke to the BBC about the stats, stating: "While the increase in cycle casualties might look worrying, the risk to each individual may still be lower than before, when you consider the increase in the number of cyclists. "It’s worth noting that casualties are down 29 per cent against government targets."

To read the Department for Transports PDF, click here.

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