No need to carry a mini-pump when there's one always available hidden in the seat-tube. Phil Robinson has formed Zorin Innovations to get his first design to market. The £29.00 seatpost (at retail) will later be joined by Zorin bike lights and a Zorin bike lock.

Design graduate forms own company to market seat-post pump

Robinson says his patented seat-post pump – the PostPump – is as effective as a track pump but smaller than most mini-pumps. It was designed in 2001 as part of the final year of Robinson’s design degree at Bournemouth University.

The internal volume of the 400mm post is comparable with a floor-standing pump.

"The impression I got from market research was that most cyclists wanted the performance ability of an upright track pump with the mobile nature of the hand-held mini-pump," said Robinson.

"Mini-pumps are uncomfortable to use and cannot readily provide jigh pressures unless you are built like a gorilla! They are also vulnerable to theft and as a result of being mounted on the cycle-frame, they are damaged by mud and dirt picked up from the road.

Track pumps are much better from a performance perspective and are much more comfortable to use, but cannot be carried with the cycle.

"My design is a hybrid of the two, taking the best features from current designs and incorporating them into a unique storage location. This position gives the pump the added advantage of being hidden from view when stored and also provides protection from environmental factors that can reduce the efficiency of the pump.

"It is aimed at the recreational touring cyclist rather than competitive riders or cycling fanatics.

His 400mm PostPump will be available in December and will come in 25.4mm and 27.2mm diameters with shims available for other seat-tube sizes. It is compatible with Presta and Schraeder valves, and has a snap-out foot-stand. Shorter PostPumps – for rear suspension bikes – are due in phase two of the product’s roll-out.

Earlier this year, Zorin was awarded a Department of Trade and Industry Smart ‘Micro-Project’ award to cover 50 percent of the development costs of the PostPump.

"Watch out for Zorin bicycle lights and Zorin bicycle locks in the near future," promised Robinson.

PostPumps will be available for purchase direct from the Zorin website. Trade enquiries can be made to the email address below.

Zorin is based in Newbury, Berkshire.

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