CTC scheme saves 1,391kg in CO2 in four weeks with Derby council

Derby rises to the Cycle Challenge

The latest in the series of CTC-led Cycle Challenges saw employees of just one Derby employer cycle an extra 7,438 miles.

171 staff members from Derby City Council took part in the challenge – including 28 people that hadn’t cycled in over a year. During the four week challenge 1,391kg of CO2 emissions were saved on commuting and business mileage.

The national cyclist’s organisation’s Derby officer Amanda Salt enthused: “When people get back on a bike they realise it isn’t as hard or as scary they thought – it’s actually fun and easy.

“It is very encouraging that we have inspired so many people in the City Council to start cycling again and that it also encouraged a number of people to learn how cycle. Cycling improves your health, saves you money and also helps improve the environment for everybody.”

Other CTC Cycle Challenge schemes have taken part in Woking and Darlington.

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