The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust may want mandatory helmet wearing but as Angela Lee, Be-Hit's director, believes the government to be "wimps" for not instigating such a law, she may well think the DoT's pro-helmet campaign to be a cop-out. Of course, cycle advocacy groups, and much of the bike industry, will be worried that the DoT campaign will use scare tactics to get people to don head protection, something that will deter cycle use across the board.

Department of Transport to run bike helmet campaign has learned that the Department of Transport is planning to start a pro bike helmet campaign in April.

However, cycle advocacy groups, such as the CTC, have regularly expressed concern that the tone of such campaigns, where individuals are being encouraged to wear protective clothing, as opposed to a campaign encouraging safer driving, is tantamount to saying "Don’t ride bikes, they’re dangerous."

The CTC has a firm policy decision on helmet wearing (it’s up to individuals and should not be compulsory) but other cycle groups, such as Sustrans, and the parliament lobbying Cyclists’ Public Affairs Group, have no such policy statements.

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