BMX trails brand secures distributors worldwide. And IMG here in the UK.

Deluxe secures international partners

Mark Noble of Deluxe, a new UK trails specific BMX brand, has told BikeBiz that the company has secured several international distribution deals. IMG will handle UK distribution.

Noble told BikeBiz: " After talking to numerous companies overseas to find the right people to work with, we’re pleased to name our first clutch of overseas distributors. For Italy we have a new rider-owned company named Hood BMX, run out of Tivoli. For Germany, we are going with a company that has been working within BMX for well over a decade, namely G&S Distribution – this BMX distributor works from Herten, and has been supporting BMX in Germany with sponsored riders, good ads, and an excellent dealer network. In Australia, I’m stoked to say that Kickass BMX is handling our brand. Mike at Kickass is a dedicated rider, has been leading the way with his distribution company down there in Newtown NSW, he also works at 20:20 BMX magazine, thus he will be handling ad campaigns in Australia for us as well as picking up a couple of trails riders for Deluxe. In the next week or so, we’ll be able to announce our brand-new USA distributor – which means we’ll be having a booth at Interbike 2008."

See for more about that brand.

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