Hampshire-based BMX distributors add Noble's brand

Deluxe BMX to be available via PRE Distribution

PRE Distribution has taken on the trails-specific Deluxe BMX brand, owned and run by ex-publisher and former editor of Ride BMX Magazine, Mark Noble.

The Hampshire-based BMX distributor is headed up by Sam and Steve Stobart and carries brands such as Profile, Madera and Sun ringle among others.

Deluxe is focused exclusively on the dirt jump market. Noble told BikeBiz: "BMX started in the woods, with kids building jumps, riding dirt, and having a blast. It was that simple. With Deluxe BMX, we just wanted to get back to the honesty of that. I’ve been involved in the BMX industry for over 20 years, so I’ve seen trends and companies come and go, and with my riding, and with my bikes, I just wanted to get back to the roots of it all – hence, Deluxe BMX”

To date, the brand manufactures frames, cromoly bars, sprockets, what is claimed to be the lightest seat and post combo in BMX and, according to Noble: "there’s a bunch of other stuff in the pipeline."

The brand is currrently raising its profile with the sponsorship of various BMX dirt jumpers, such as Mark Mulville, who will be chipping in on the product design.

“I’m stoked to have PRE Distribution on board now. Sam and Steve have some really core BMX brands which complement what we do at Deluxe, and that was really important. Our team is also sponsored by Profile, PRE deal with the best BMX shops in the UK, and they have a really impressive set-up, so it just makes sense. With these guys focussing on sales for us, it’ll leave us more time to develop better products and do good stuff with the team. It’s awesome” concluded Noble.

Distribution in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, and New Zealand has also been allocated.

PRE Distribution: 02380 458328.

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