Will the UK's first sporting Oxylane Village get the go-ahead from planners?

Decathlon and Oxylane Village decision due tomorrow

Decathlon-owner Oxylane will find out tomorrow (Wednesday July 17th) whether plans will go ahead for its first UK ‘Oxylane Village’.

Last year, Oxylane revealed it was planning to bring 30 of the sports villages to Britain. The ‘gateway to sport’ villages include acres of space dedicated to multiple sports, as well as a Decathlon sports store. Customers would be able to try out kit and products – including bicycles – in the village prior to purchase. France has ten such Oxylane Villages already.

However, planning objections were raised earlier this year over the proposed site of the first Oxylane Village – in Broxtowe, close to the Eastwood bypass in Nottinghamshire. According to local news site The Eastwood Advertiser, the local council will be making a decision tomorrow on whether permission will be granted.

Local councillor for Kimberley, Richard Robinson, says it was a ‘once in a life time opportunity’ for the area, generating 200 new jobs.

Back in March, when we first reported on the planning objection, Oxylane Village director Luke Fillingham told us: "This [objection] does not change our plans or hopes for the project. With any major scheme there are usually people who are concerned by change, especially when you are planning something completely new.

"Local people will benefit from our project so they support it. The majority of local politicians are in favour because they represent the local people. Let’s hope the final result reflects this just as it should."

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