The US East coast hardtail bikes by Dave Weagle - he of e13, and the DW Link - are now being distributed in the UK by Silverfish. Darren Mabbott said he is now building a "very select and specialist UK dealer base."

Dealers needed for Evil

Silverfish UK is said to be "totally stoked" to have been appointed the exclusive UK distributor of Evil Bikes.

Want Evil?

Here’s the rest of the release:

It’s been a long time coming, but finally the UK can now get hold of the awesome range of Evil Bikes. This is where e13 came from – the original East Coat hardcore frame brand with the inspired Dave Weagle at the helm, Evil Bikes are quite possibly the coolest, trickest, and rarest frames available on the planet today.

Check out their range below;
The Imperial The bike that redefined an entire genre of frames. Before the Imperial’s release, people asked us, what REALLY can you do that is different? I mean hardtail frames have been around for over 100 years, right?
Our answer? Slacker head and seat tube angles, higher bottom bracket heights, shorter stays, and perfectly balanced frame flex and geometry have caught the eye of an entire industry, and are helping redefine the limits of riding and having fun.
This high-end frame was one of the first designed to be extremely versatile, and adaptable to any type of riding situation. Its refined geometry was developed after years of riding, and through the application of ergonomic and mathematic formula. From zero-speed competition stock trials maneuvers to fully pinned downhill action, the Imperial can help you rule it all. It doesn’t hurt that you will have fun and look good doing it too!
The Imperial’s geometry suits riders looking to push their game to new levels on fast and technical wooded trails, or the urban underground in the city streets. It inspires confidence and helps build riding skill like no other frame that we have ever ridden.
Our engineer Dave Weagle designed the Imperial from concept to finished product over a span of two years. During this time, the Imperial’s 6061 T-6 construction was shaped using hours of computer aided Finite Element Analysis and real world testing to give its owner years of uncompromising performance. It is the first bike in history to use our X-rated dropout design, a multi position vertical dropout that keeps wheel position secure, and allows for quick change wheelbase adjustment.
The Imperial was also the first production frame in the world to adopt the One PointFive standard headtube design, giving unmatched frame strength, and the versatility to run any 1 1/8 or 1.5 fork on the market.
The D.O.C. In early 2004, Evil Bikes teamed up with Canadian born riding icon Chris Donahue. Soon after, Chris began working with the Evil engineering team to develop a signature model frame that would be fitting of the Donahue and Evil names. This frame is named for Chris’ love of riding and the energy associated with it is Chris’ Drug Of Choice.
The D.O.C. frame was engineered from the ground up in typical Evil fashion. The frame features a host of innovations which allow for advantages in geometry and versatility that have never been seen previously. Chris Donahue drafted his ideal geometry with input from Dave on ergonomic layout. The D.O.C. uses a custom developed steel tubeset. Its triple butted air hardening tubing was designed in house, and is made by Reynolds in the U.K. This custom tubeset and unique brace tube frame design allows for use of a 31.6 seatpost, and lets riders choose trail or park seat heights. Its head tube, chainstay yoke, and dropouts are made from and Evil proprietary steel alloy that is 135% stronger 200% harder than the standard 4130 used in almost all other steel frames. This builds a stronger head tube than ever possible before, and dropouts that can stand up to unparalleled grinding and abuse. The D.O.C. also uses an innovative asymmetrical chainstay yoke design that allows for a phenomenally short 15.75 inch chainstay length with a 26 x 2.3 tire.
The D.O.C. frame is one of several 2005 frames that use the new e.thirteen HVS sliding vertical dropout system, which is set to be unveiled at Interbike 2005. The e.thirteen HVS sliding vertical dropout system has been developed over 2 years and on 3 generations of factory prototype Evil frames. Through it’s carefully thought out design and testing, the HVS system is incredibly strong, yet lightweight. The system is simple to install and maintain, allows for infinite chainstay length adjustment, all with the security and convenience of a vertical dropout.
The D.O.C. frameset has begun production, and will be available in two sizes, regular and long, and two colors, blood red and black.
The Sovereign Steel street and trail versatility. The Sovereign frame is designed for riders who give it their all on the street, in the park, or on the forest trails. The Sovereign’s geometry and features set it far ahead of the crowd of cookie-cutter bikes that seem to flood the market today. Equally at home with a rigid fork and slick tires or a 5-6 inch fork and knobbies, this bike can help you to push your riding limits and have a blast doing it.
Since 2002, we have worked tirelessly to perfect the Sovereign’s frame structure and geometry. Its custom triple-butted Reynolds 853 and 725 steel frame structure is one of the most meticulously crafted high-end steel framesets that we have ever seen. The frame’s asymmetic monostay design allows for an incredible 15.5 minimum chainstay with a 26X2.3 tire. This yoke design also offers the ability to run up to a 16.75 inch chainstay for trail rides, and can fit a huge 3" wide tire for those big hit riders. Its XX-Rated bolt-on dropout system allows riders to use standard QR wheels, with gears OR a singlespeed setup, and never worry about wheel slippage.
The Sovereign frame is proudly made in the USA, and will be available in two sizes, Regular (23.14 tt), and Long (24.14 tt)
The Imperial SL Street and Dirt Factory Superbike The Imperial SL was developed by Dave Weagle and OG Evil rider Seth Lolli. Since 2001, Seth has logged more hours on different one-off Imperial prototypes and production frames than anyone in the world. Seth’s unmistakable style and huge aerial tricks have made him one of the world’s top street and dirt riders. His high impact riding style demands that he has full confidence in his bike, on the ground and in the air. Dave and Seth spent many hours designing, refining, and testing to build what they feel is the ultimate street and dirt factory ride. This frame is available in team replica colors and is part of an extremely limited production run.
The SL showcases several advances that come straight from Evil’s factory superbike development program.
14mm bolt-on vertical sliding dropouts – Our 14mm vertical sliding bolt-on dropout system is the product of several design iterations and huge amounts of testing dating back to 2001. The vertical component allows for quick wheel and tire changes in the heat of competition or out on the trail. Our 14mm oversize axle works with any 135mm spacing 14mm through-axle hub, and provides unparalleled stiffness. The horizontal sliding component gives infinite chainstay adjustment and tensioner-free single speed setup. Every Imperial SL frame comes from the factory with a 7075 T6 14mm through axle and 14mm to 10mm adapters that let riders run any 10mm bolt-on hub on the market .
Integrated bolt-on grind guard mounts – Pedal grinds beat the hell out of your bike, no matter what its made of. Our bolt-on grind guard system attaches a steel plate to the bottom of your non-drive chainstay and give you months of worry free grinding.

15-inch long 69 degree seat tube- Seth is know for huge aerial tricks. By tweaking the seat tube angle on the Imperial, we were able to move the seatpost clamp on the frame forward by about 22mm at a 16 inch seat height. This lets Seth get a strong grip with his hand on his seat during off the back of the bike tricks. The longer seat tube means that Seth runs almost zero seat tube extension, making a stronger and lighter complete bike. Actual seat positioning is nearly identical to the Imperial in the range run by most riders 5’9" to 6’1" tall. The SL’s taller and more vertical seat angle also caters to trail riders who run full seatpost extension for the long treks to the secret dirtjumps deep in the woods.

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