DW Link inventor furthers his portfolio of suspension design

Dave Weagle’s Split Pivot suspension awarded patent

Dave Weagle has patented the ‘world’s first’ concentric drop out pivot suspension system – the Split Pivot System.

Famed for his DW Link previosuly, Weagle has now patented the design first revelead in May 2007. The system has since drawn the attention of manufacturers from across the globe.

Weagle said: "Since I launched the existence of this design publicly in May of 2007, I’ve been inundated by requests from bike brands interested in partnering up to develop new Split Pivot frames. I feel like I’ve chosen some great brands to welcome into the Split Pivot family, brands that have their own individual flavor and ideas, and who really complement each other.

"It’s been a crazy ride getting the Split Pivot design to this point, and I’m thrilled for my partners to finally be able to show off that patent number proudly on their bikes. We’ve been testing prototypes from different brands for some time, and I know the member companies of the Split Pivot family are excited for the world to see the benefits of our collaborations and hard work.

"It’s has been so difficult keeping the existence of new prototype models secret for so long, so I am glad that part is nearly over and that it’s time for the world to see how good this design can really be when dialed in. The design allows for a typical main pivot placement that works great for acceleration and bump absorption, and the concentric dropout pivot lets me tune braking forces and leverage ratios to a high degree at the same time."

Split Pivot [concentric dropout pivot], works via a pivot at the rear wheel axle joining the seatstays and chainstays on a bicycle. Shaped by Dave Weagle’s competition proven engineering and testing process, each unique Spilt Pivot frame is engineered to combine the best performance traits of single pivot and long arm linkage suspensions.

The desing separates acceleration forces entirely from braking forces through the suspension.

Currently there are six licensees of the patented Split Pivot technology worldwide. 2011 Split Pivot models will be available in late 2010 from four USA and International brands. Two of the six brands have already announced their collaboration with Dave Weagle and Split Pivot.

Weagle to date has designed some of the most race proven bicycle suspension on the market, and it is expected that Split Pivot will see the same pedigreed success as its predecessors.

You can learn more about the Split Pivot design, and those wanting to look into the finer detail can download and read the Split Pivot 7,717,212 patent, at www.split-pivot.com.

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