The folding bike maker reports yet another stonking sales uplift

Dahon sales keep rising and rising

Dahon has announced record sales for the first half of 2007. Unit volumes of bicycles sold grew by 27 percent to 180,000 units, and revenues increased by 36 percent year on year.

Both the unit volume and revenue numbers represent all time highs for Dahon.

"We’re very pleased with our 2007 numbers to date," said Dr. David Hon, Dahon president and CEO.

"But what is especially gratifying is seeing folding bicycles gaining mainstream acceptance in so many markets around the world. Every day, more and more people are turning to bikes in general, and folding bikes in particular, for every day transport – and that is the mission of this company."

Dahon 2007 sales have been particularly strong in utility cycling markets where bicycles are used as a primary means of transportation. Such markets include urban centers such as Chicago and New York City, as well as countries such as the Netherlands and China.

Average selling prices also rose, and Dahon attributes this to the increasing sophistication of folding bike consumers, who are demanding higher quality products.

"Folding bikes are quickly becoming an indispensable transportation tool for many people," said Dr. Hon.

"Soaring oil prices are hitting consumers where it counts – in the wallet. People are looking for cheaper, and greener, ways to get around."

For the second half of 2007, Dahon expects sales to continue to grow.

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