CBBC to air TV show with kids dissing parental driving. The programme will also put children "in the driving seat".

“Dad, you’re a dangerous driver”

One of the key interventions to make Britain’s roads safer for vulnerable road users would be for driving instructors to ride bikes for a few weeks. They would then be able to pass on to their students how it feels to be buzzed and bullied by cars.

In a similar vein, children’s TV channel CBBC is to air a series critiquing bad driving, ‘CBBC Driving Academy’.

Independent production company Luck Day TV is currently seeking children to take part in the series, asking "Is your mum or dad a rubbish driver? Would you like to send them back to driving school?"

Naturally, there will be a slew of applications from children but, as the great majority of motorists believe they are "above average" at handling a ton of speeding metal it may be tougher to find parents who will admit to being deficient in the driving department.

CBBC promises "We’ll help to make your parents better drivers and you’ll learn first-hand the importance of road safety when we put you in the driving seat – always under the watchful eye of the academy’s driving professionals."

Children aged 11-14 will be given driving lessons. On the one hand this is inculcating the driving culture at too young an age but, on the other hand, it’s instilling in children the need for road safety, which can only make them better drivers when they are old enough to drive, should they chose to do so.

"The brand new series for CBBC will attempt to make a nation of better drivers by challenging children and their parents to learn to drive together," said Colette Callus of Lucky Day TV.

"We are giving children the chance to take their parents to task over their poor driving habits and the opportunity to prove to them just how easy it is to be a safe driver."

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