Mark Hooton, owner of Cymarc Engineering of Scunthorpe, has told his local newspaper he has long lobbied for the mandatory fitting of bells to bicycles, and is now hoping the law introduced on 1st May, will generate lots of orders for the bell making part of his business.

Cymarc Engineering wants bikes fitted with Brit bells

All new bicycles sold in Britain now have to be fitted with bells at the point of sale. Trading Standard officers will clobber retailers for not fitting them, and retailers now expect suppliers to supply the bells.

Hooton believes Cymarc could produce half-a-million bells a year.

"I am pleased to see the new law finally come into force. I now fully expect to see another well-established local company – Falcon Cycles – give their support by considering our bells as a option to cheap imports," Hooton told the Scunthorpe Telegraph.

Cymarc Engineering Ltd has been a supplier to Falcon for 10 years.

"Through our practised economic and lean manufacturing techniques we hope to prove competitive with the cheap imports challenging Britain’s manufacturing base at this time," he said.

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