Sea Otter CEO: 'cyclocross has grown with a cult-like fanaticism over the last few years'

Cyclocross debuts at Sea Otter Classic 2012

The increasingly popular cyclocross sector will be boosted with an appearance at next year’s Sea Otter Classic, from April 19th to 22nd in Monterey, California.

The Sea Otter Cyclocross will take place on Saturday April 21st and will feature all men’s and women’s pro and amateur divisions, as well as singlespeed, messenger and industry cup races.

"During the last few years, cyclocross has grown with a cult-like fanaticism as a participatory and spectator sport," said Frank Yohannan, president and CEO of Sea Otter Classic. "It fits right in with the festival atmosphere and the celebration of everything cycling that makes up Sea Otter."

Raleigh America will host the cyclocross race, which joins the cross country, dual slalom, short track and DH MTB events, as well as its road, criterium and circuit road racing events. There will be three Gran Fondo routes too.

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