Deputy PM’s calls for request on law repeals stirs the cycling masses

Cyclists to be allowed to ride on pavements?

With a coalition Government apparently keen to distance itself from its predecessor, deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg has asked the public for their suggestions on which laws should be removed or changed because they restrict civil liberties.

As reported by the BBC, Clegg said: "Be demanding about your liberty, be insistent about your rights. This is about your freedom and this is your chance to have your say."

He added that there is "lots and lots of old stuff on the statute books that we should get rid of for starters".

"I’ve just discovered for instance that there’s still an old law in the statute book that says it’s an offence if you don’t report a grey squirrel in your own back garden."

Cyclists have added their requests, including a repeal of the law preventing cyclists riding on footways.

‘Ladycyclist’ said: "Most cyclists like myself are very careful and considerate. We should be allowed to cycle on the pavements in quiet areas but priority should be given to pedestrians at all times. In Japan cyclists are allowed on the pavement. Also all parks should allow cycling. Other countries manage it why not the UK."

Other requests include VAT exemption for bicycles and raising the speed limit on electric bicycles.

However, the site has also seen requested for cyclists to be licensed and to pay the fabled ‘road tax’.

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