A survey by the Chartered Management Institute has found that the most reliable way of getting to work is by - you guessed it - bicycle. The CMI believes travel disruptions are delaying managers at a cost of more than 2 million working-hours per week, and although London's Congestion Charge has done little to ease these difficulties, managers outside London would welcome a similar scheme

Cyclists most likely to get to work on time

The CMI survey examined the levels of disruption experienced by managers travelling to work by car, bus, motorbike, train, the underground and bicycle and found that those travelling by cycle experienced the least amount of delay. Naturally.

While almost half of respondents in the CMI survey working across the UK travel 10 miles or less to work each day, it takes the majority of managers more than half an hour to do this journey. As many as a third report being affected by travel disruption more than once a week.

The column-inch chasing survey ‘reveals’ that 79 per cent of managers have missed vital meetings and nearly one-fifth also claim to have lost business opportunities because of transport disruption. The impact of these delays is being keenly felt in the workplace with 21 per cent of managers reporting a decline in their productivity and 35 per cent admitting to increased levels of irritability at work.

Reflecting the growing importance of achieving a work-life balance, 48 per cent of managers also say that travelling difficulties affect family commitments such as reading bedtime stories to children. One in four managers maintain that social engagements have been spoilt because of travel disruption.

CTC Director Kevin Mayne has welcomed the results of the survey:

“Cycling is more than simply a reliable way of getting to work. We know from research that physical activity makes employees more attentive and that cycling to work is an ideal way to improve fitness – cyclists also enjoy the health of someone ten years younger.”

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