Data can then be used to lobby for improvements, says founders

Cyclists asked to help plot UK Road Accident Map

Cyclists are being called on to add their accidents to a newly launched UK Road Accident Map app, designed to improve the safety of Britain’s roads by revealing accident hot spots – particularly those associated with fatal and serious injury accidents.

The goal of the interactive map is to highlight what changes must be made in areas where clusters occur so local councils can be lobbied for safer roads.

Osbourne Solicitors have launched the project. A spokesperson said: "Britain boasts one of the best road safety records in the world, but with around six deaths on UK roads every day, it is hardly a statistic worth shouting about. With still so much to be done, we created the UK Road Accident Map app to help boost road safety both locally and nationally."

Featuring data from the Government’s 2011 road accident dataset, the Map plots details of road accidents throughout the country, allowing visitors to view how many have happened in a certain area and what they involved.

An ‘add your accident’ feature allows users to log details of road accidents they have been involved in. As more data is gathered and clusters appear, the information will be used to campaign local governments for safer roads in these areas.

For more details, or to add an accident, visit the site here.

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