English editor of German-based global cycling policy mag is on US road trip and has organized interview with Ray LaHood

Cyclingmobility secures one-on-one with US transport secretary

US Secretary of Transport Ray LaHood will be interviewed by Cyclingmobility editor Ross Ringham on September 9th.

America’s top transport policy-maker will discuss the current state of the US transport system, President Obama’s commitment to active travel and people-first city design, and what the next two years holds for cycling in the US.

As austerity budgets look increasingly likely to be introduced in the US, Ringham will ask what implications the loss of triple-A credit status and Congress’ political fencing over debt and budgetary reforms will have on cycling throughout the country, and how a top-down approach can work with grass-roots movements to stimulate better awareness of cycling at town, city and regional levels.

"Transforming American cities through cycling continues to gather pace despite many setbacks, cultural and political opposition and geographical and economic challenges," said Ringham. 

Secretary LaHood has been a vocal proponent of cycling since his appointment in 2009, but fears about the economy and lethargy at the city planning level means the US has a long way to go to leave behind its entrenched car culture.

Much of the globe continues to look to the US infrastructure model as the template to follow when building cities, so a change in direction in the US, from car-dominated urban areas to places designed for pedestrians and cyclists, holds implications throughout the world.

Ringham said reader questions will be put to LaHood and those who wished for their questions to be considered should contact the magazine via email, Twitter or its Facebook page.

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