'The Comic' will look different this Thursday as IPC’s Country & Leisure Media is to take the wraps off the magazine's redesign. The cover of the issue on sale March 2nd looks like this...

‘Cycling Weekly’ is redesigned, repositioned

The 115 year-old title now has an even stronger focus on health and fitness.

According to the publisher, other changes include:

* "Improved technical sections with information in layered stages to suit all readers, from amateurs to pros."

* "A new regular riding section, listing places to visit and events to ride at – with cut-out-and-keep maps for readers to take with them."

* "A new regular Q&A section, creating more interaction with readers."

* "Shorter, snappier news stories."

* "A new 60-second Interview at the back of each issue."

Design changes include: "Clearer typefaces with greater use of lower case, generating a less formal editorial tone…Bigger, brighter pictures with more non-racing images."

Nigel Wynn, Cycling Weekly deputy editor, said:

“Cycling has never been so popular so it’s an ideal time for us to rethink the content we’re offering. We’ve included plenty of health and fitness content, whilst keeping racing information. With such a long and respected history, we’ve been careful not to alienate older readers. With the new design, we’ve got something for everyone.”

The new look Cycling Weekly goes on sale Thursday March 2nd with a new cover price – up 15p to £2.35.

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