And in reverse order, the winner is.... Er, all of them. CW readers nominated, and voted for, so many different bike shops that the award in the mag's end-of-year awards issue went to "local bike shops everywhere."

Cycling Weekly chooses best British bike shop

"Shops from Truro to Aberdeen had their share of the votes," said Cycling Weekly, "with no one outlet grabbing the lion’s share of the poll."

Noting that there were a large number of votes for Ribble, Wiggle and other mail-order and web retailers, Cycling Weekly said these votes were outnumbered by readers voting for "local stores."

The magazine concludes "we can only deduce you’re all very happy with the service you receive from your local shop. So this award is dedicated to every bike shop in the country. Where would we be without you?"

Bike shops are a breed apart, said CW.

"Do you pop into your local bakery to chat about the latest loaf technology? Or into the shoe shop to meet fellow shoe-wearers to swap news on the best brogues? No, we don’t either."

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