AA dishes out advice to UK’s 18 million driving commuters

Cycling: one way to save £10 billion commuting bill

Cycling to and from work and working from home are being trumped as a way to cut the £10 billion commuting bill.

On average, the UK’s 18 million driving commuters travel 2,740 miles per year, according to the AA.

Edmund King, the cycle-friendly AA president, said: “In the credit crunch we need to get smarter about the way we travel as car commuting costs some £10 billion per year. We should also consider whether we need to travel at all.

“Three hundred AA employees are saving 90,000 litres of fuel or 620,000 miles commuting each year by working from home. Our employees are saving valuable time and money by working from home.

Phil Flaxton, chief executive of Work Wise UK, added: “Working from home, holding meetings virtually and cycling for shorter journeys, are all ways that can help save money and the environment.”

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