Last year, Italian saddle company Selle Royal caused a stir by circulating press information that linked cycling with impotency, this year one of the same health professionals used in the infamous saddle DVD has produced 'Cycling and Health', billed by Selle Royal as the "most extensive compendium of research ever compiled on the effects of cycling on general health and well-being."

Cycling is good for you, says 120-page health study

The report is a compendium of 7000 studies done on the effects of physical activity and cycling and was compiled by Professor Froböse and a team of the Center of Health of the German Sports Academy of Cologne.

‘Cycling and Health’ is aimed at promoting cycling though a better understanding of the health benefits riding a bicycle brings.

The report explains how cycling is beneficial as a cardio-vascular exercise and how it’s kind to joints, unlike running.

There’s also information on proper bike fit and a series of training suggestions and programmess for various types riders, including beginners.

Selle Royal believes that promoting this kind of research can "do a lot to get more people on bikes."

The report is contained on a DVD and will be made available to the media first. A few of the findings are on a website right now and members of the public can fill in a questionnaire to get a condensed PDF version of the report when it is made more widely available.

Selle Royal said it "expects great media coverage" for the report. It’s "so important for the entire industry to increase the number of cyclists and the use of bicycles," said the company.

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