Weymouth Council gets tough on esplanade’s ‘errant’ cyclists

Cycling beside the seaside banned

Cyclists caught pedalling on Weymouth seafront face will face a court appearance following the introduction of new legislation.

According to the Dorset Echo, the new rule comes into force at the weekend (Saturday August 1st) following complaints from members of the public about cyclists that have ignored a low-key attempt to stop cyclists using the esplanade.

Local groups, including the Dorset Cyclists Network expressed their disappointment with the move:

“It’s a shame that the council cannot find a way to allow cycling on the seafront side,” said Dorset Cyclists’ Network chairman Michael Evans.

“The Government, including local government, actively encourages people to use bicycles instead of cars for fitness and exercise reasons as well as for the environment.

“Now that cycling is banned there it will only encourage cyclists to take to the busy main roads, which is more of a danger for them.”

A council spokesman said that the decision had been made following public consultation.

Councillor Ian James – spokesman for community safety said: “I understand that people got a few misconceptions after the consultation two years ago, so we are trying to make it absolutely clear – cycling on the seafront is banned and anyone caught after August 1 will be prosecuted.

“We are doing this for the safety of our residents and visitors and we believe by giving people a set date and by operating these patrols beforehand we are giving people fair warning.”

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