Mayor reveals plans to make two-wheeled transport ‘the norm, not the exception’ for London

Cycling ‘revolution’ unveiled for the capital

A series of cycling initiatives and events for London have been launched today in Trafalgar Square. London Mayor Boris Johnson joined keen urban cyclist James Cracknell at the landmark to drum up awareness of the summer’s cycling drive.

At the event, Johnson also revealed some positive statistics for cycling in the capital.

Throughout June, London’s workforce will be encouraged to commute by bicycle. The London Workplace Cycle Challenge will see organisations compete to get the higher number of its workers travelling by bike.

The Secondary School London Cycle Challenge will continue in the same vein, targeting 11 to 14 year-olds from Monday June 15th to 30th.

Later in the year a Freewheel-style event will take place on Sunday August 19th. Last year the event attracted 50,000 people to cycle past iconic sights, and this year will be brought to Hounslow.

In September the Tour of Britain will begin and end in London, while Sunday September 20th will see the increasingly popular Freewheel event also cover a larger area of the capital, including St Paul’s Cathedral and the City area, as well as some iconic London sights.

Following his dangerous brush with a lorry last Friday, Johnson also revealed a major marketing campaign – titled ‘Catch up with the bicycle’ – that will show how cycling can be stylish and desirable.

Johnson said: “Cycling is on the up in London, but there is still much to do if we want to really revolutionise the way that Londoners get about.

“That’s why we are making record investments in cycling, developing the cycle highways and cycle hire schemes, and are unveiling a summer schedule stuffed full of biking events, competitions, and campaigns designed to boost cycling across London’s boroughs.

“Through this, Londoners of all ages and abilities can take part and experience the joys of travelling in one of the most handy, healthy, and environmentally friendly ways possible, and we can achieve our aim of making London a city where two wheeled, pedal-powered transportation is the norm, and not the exception.”

Transport for London’s managing director of Surface Transport David Brown enthused: “With all the fantastic cycling events taking place in the Capital, there’s never been a better summer to start cycling in London.

“Whether it’s commuting to work or school as part of TfL’s June London Cycle Challenge, trying out leisure cycling at one of the Freewheel events, or exploring your local traffic free ‘greenway’ cycle routes, cycling is something that’s open to everyone to enjoy.

“Help is on hand for anyone starting out. Londoners of all ages can get access to free, TfL-funded cycle safety training through their local council, and can order free cycle maps from TfL to help them plan their journeys.

“There is a whole network of quiet and traffic-free cycle routes that make cycling in the Capital a pleasure, as well as a quick and convenient way to travel,” Brown added.

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